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Grammar lessons formalize your learning. Learn to talk with people at a business and professional level; succeed in sales and marketing; gain employment in higher paying jobs…

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For some people learning basic English phrases and vocabulary is enough, and it is a good idea for people getting started; but when you want to become fully independent you will need to be more familiar with grammar and structure in English communication.

Grammar-focused Lessons help you understand
Rules Breaking down those Grammatical Rules.
Verbs Verbs have Tenses; we’ll help you relax while you learn.
Punctuation Proper Punctuation – say it like you mean it!
Articles Just two little words, Articles are Grammar’s little helpers.
…and more Learn to achieve Excellence!!

Grammar-focused lessons formalize your learning. They help students understand the finer details of grammar rules and structure. Learn to communicate with people at a business and professional level; succeed in sales and marketing; gain employment in higher paying jobs…

It is common for students who are beginning a long-term path of English Language Study, perhaps with a career or academic goal in mind, to start with a “warm-up” course in grammar basics.

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Learning grammar does take effort and commitment if you want to improve at a steady pace. Of course anyone can register for Grammar-focused lessons however at least basic understanding of English is essential. Students who choose this style are often already independent students and will do most conversation practice outside of lesson time.

If English study is new to you we recommend you spend some time to gain experience with English generally, through both our free and paid programs. Having some general interactive experience will make it easier for you to understand the lessons and get positive results quickly.

We will work with you at your speed and ability, in a relaxed and compassionate manner. When you are ready to move to higher levels or to expand your communication skills, basic Grammar-focused Lessons are here to help you understand how to put it all together.

While the lessons do not focus on conversation itself, we will use examples from everyday life experiences to demonstrate the principles and practice of Grammar in modern English.


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