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No time for lessons, No problem

Maybe you don't have time for lessons, but you need some help understanding something. You just need a bit of support, to keep you going with your English communication skills.

That's where “Help Me Teacher” can help you. Just purchase a session fill in the information form with as much information as you can. Be sure to ask your question at the end of the information and we will arrange an appointment time for our discussion.

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Our exclusive “Help Me Teacher!” live support service.

Use the form below to tell us your question topic. When you decide on your topic think about exactly what you want to know. Try to organise it clearly in your topic description. Think about it carefully to get the most benefit from the session. Provide as much information as possible in your submission form so your Teacher can prepare the best explanation.

We recommend that you try to relax and not over-think things when you are preparing your topic. Try not to think too much about why something has to be the way it is; just try to learn how to use it properly.

Extra talk time extensions for active topic discussions can be purchased in 10 minute segments. Easy instructions for the extensions (with a link) will be provided in your payment receipt.

The 10 minute time limits are fixed, but you can easily extend the conversation beyond the original time before ending the discussion session. The call can continue during the extension process, so you should have access to your payment method during our call.

Help Me Teacher! provides help through live interaction with a teacher; use it when you need it and choose your own topic.

A teacher will begin research upon receipt of this order. I will be contacted if the Teacher needs more information before arranging our discussion appointment. I therefore understand and agree that these fees are non-refundable.


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