Go Live! Walk ‘n’ Talk Fun

Get ready to have 90 minutes of fun! Your teacher is your security blanket, be bold, step out and overcome nervousness and shyness. This unique style of learning helps you walk and talk your way into immersion in an English speaking community.

Walk ‘n’ Talk Lessons make it real!
Confidence Go out and mingle with confidence.
Real-life Your Teacher guides you in real-life activities.
Fun These lessons really are fun!
Opportunities Experiment with unlimited opportunities for learning.
Effective The most effective style of lessons available!

You are never alone and will realize in only minutes that it is okay to make mistakes so that you can learn. Get out there and talk! Your teacher will guide you so you can safely test your English and challenge your fears.

Experience very fast results with no worries. Some people find that just a few Walk ‘n’ Talk Lessons are even more effective than several classroom lessons.